Sunday, July 21, 2013


In the big scheme of things, there is all manner of the unexpected to be experienced. Some of it feels good, and some of it just doesn't.

This isn't going to be a philosophical or spiritual discussion about nonattachment, and how if we are in such a place we don't look at things as good or bad -- we simply observe them, etc. etc. 

Personally, I have made progress in the nonattachment effort in some areas and not so much in others.

But I digress. Truly.

This is really about getting a call, seemingly out of the blue, from a friend who sensed -- across the illusions we call time and space -- that something might be up and calling to check in may be in order.

That kind of unexpected feels really, really good. Especially when it involves hearing from someone who cared enough not only to heed that inner nudging, but also to go ahead pick up the phone and do something a little apart from the ordinary by calling later than propriety may suggest.

Thank you, S. Gratitude is still reverberating around my inside parts.