Sunday, October 28, 2012


So there I was, having a lovely evening at a girlfriend's house, when the phone rang.

It was the kind of call that comes after a long period of questioning what in the world is up with life, where there are infinite possibilities to pursue but the overall feeling is that of a rather frustrating holding pattern. Indeed, the call seemed to come out of the blue  but, in reality, it's probably been in the works in the divine plan for quite a while. And it held the promise of being absolutely transformational.

In short, if I had tried to plan any of it consciously, I likely would have mucked it up royally.

On the other end of the line was a friend who has lived the mobile lifestyle for about seven years now. He was looking to move on from a position he had recently obtained in the Southwest that wasn't going to work long term. After talking for a few minutes about what he might do next, he said, "I haven't been to Maine for a couple of years. Maybe we can find a way to fly you out here, and we'll drive back together."


As the thought settled in, I observed the quick path my mind took: from a wee bit of shock as it absorbed the unexpected idea to the sifting and sorting of it as an interesting, doable possibility to the peace that accompanies the illumination of the next life step.

I have wanted to take off in an RV as a full-timer for years now, and have waited somewhat impatiently for the signs, signals and resources that would bring the dream to fruition. A cross-country road trip that enables me to experience the lifestyle  not to mention do a lot of head-clearing and connecting with nature  feels perfect right about now.

The canine munchkin and I will be taking off this coming Friday, Nov. 2, for Tucson, Arizona. That's where The Great Road Trip will commence. There's a long list of things to do in the meantime, which I'm looking forward to. Starting tomorrow. Today, we rest.

And we so look forward to having you share in the adventure!

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