Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fahma's Mahket

Even though I left Maine more than a month ago, I haven't left the accent behind. It's just too fun.

The munchkin and I have been hanging out in St. Augustine, Florida, for the past five or so weeks, soaking up the sun and sweating from the heat and humidity. Something seems very wrong about saying TTFN to Maine just before its warmest and sunniest season, especially after such a looong, cold winter -- not to mention heading so far south during said season. 

Alas, it's the way of things, and I'm quite happy spending time with family and exploring new frontiers. That part of the next-steps plan is right on track. And I anticipate more of an ability to follow the weather (milder temps in the winter months, typically colder climate areas in the spring, summer and fall) once the RV happens.

I had thought I'd get out and explore the grounds of St. Augustine's lighthouse today, but I found that there was a fee to do so, which I didn't realize, and there were a whole lot of people there given that it's a Saturday, which I figured might be the case. So, I'll head there during the week when I can look around without so many peeps doing the same thing.   

I did stop by the fahma's mahket, though, and found some neat wares and even neater vendors. I got some lovely organic lavender soap and other things from Bubbles (yes, that's her name), and Robin of Miss Robin's Jewelry made me a simple yet beautiful necklace after the pendant caught me in its snare and wouldn't let go.

Local honey, anyone?

Thankfully, the trees provided
a good bit of shade

Beautiful pendant and necklace
from Miss Robin
The combination of things in the pendant felt very powerful -- the stone, the metal cage work and the owl sitting right on top. I looked up owl totems, and the message was right on for what's happening right now. It's all about listening to the intuition, seeing what's hidden, experiencing a significant change, etc.

Right on indeed.


P.S. TTFN = popular Tigger expression = ta ta for now :)

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