Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the Road Again

From what I read on blogs of folks who live on the road full time, not every day is exciting. There are just the average times of everyday life, like travel days.

We’ve had a couple of those.

We set out from Flagstaff on Thursday afternoon, making it to the first rest stop in New Mexico that evening. We camped there, adding another first to my list of them during this trip.

It wasn’t half bad. I actually slept the most soundly that night out of any in the camper yet.

Friday and today have also been travel days. We crossed the desert of New Mexico and now face a flat, dusty stretch of Interstate 40 through Texas. The excitement mostly consists of being blown around by the strong wintry wind, which knocked Cliff around while he was lifting his leg earlier and blew me sideways when walking out of a building.  We are also enjoying busting tumbleweeds that blow into out path. Bear likes watching them disintegrate on impact, like a snowball. It is indeed fun to watch.

I had my first truck stop shower today, too, which wasn’t half bad. A very nice trucker named Nick saw me about to pay for it, stepped in and provided a code that enabled me to get clean for free. It’s amazing how unexpected little kindnesses, especially from seeming strangers, can be so meaningful. Thanks, Nick, for the shower and for what will likely be a nice memory.

I took a bit of time underneath the hot spray, leading me to wonder if Bear is regretting telling me about what he calls teardrop time. My understanding of it is that time passes slowly, in a sort of meander where there is no rush and, in fact, hardly any time at all. I think I might be taking that a bit too literally, leaving Bear much like the country song: waitin’ on a woman.

We are hanging out at said truck stop in Amarillo, waiting to see a friend of Bear’s who will be driving through here in a couple of hours. Bear also got an unexpectedly necessary brake repair done on the trailer while we’ve been here, taking further advantage of that teardrop time.

As promised, here are some images of the ponies (Jeep) and stagecoach (teardrop camper) that keep us moving and sheltered on this trip.

Here's the yurt we stayed in for a couple of nights. It's like a big, round, sturdy tent with a floor and a raised ceiling.

Clifford really loves being outside, enjoying the air and sunshine.

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