Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The drive from Flagstaff to Sedona took us down a windy mountain road flanked by evergreens. It became clear that we were approaching Sedona when beautiful rock formations began to peak through the trees and a feeling of peacefulness settled over me.

I had poked around on the internet to see where we might want to visit, given that we had just part of an afternoon to spend. We chose Red Rock Crossing, where one site said Cathedral Rock, walking trails, a river and a vortex could be found. I couldn’t imagine visiting Sedona and not experiencing a vortex.


Red Rock Crossing is part of Coconino National Forest. At the gate, we paid the admission fee and the gatekeeper, K (yes, that is her real, full name), told us that we could have a map of the place for $1 more  or the dog. 

We took the map. But it is always interesting to see what kind of offers Clifford’s cuteness inspires. 

The closer we got to the vortex, the more I felt a low-level buzzing in my body, starting in my feet and radiating upward. I didn’t make the connection with what I was feeling and where we actually were until we were sitting in the vortex area and looking at the description of where it was located. Overall, the sense of peacefulness that I felt driving into Sedona expanded the longer we stayed in Red Rock Crossing.

The sheer beauty of the place needs no explanation. Here are some images of Cathedral Rock, both as we approached and up close and personal.

Vortex area is in the rocky foreground

And here's a shot of Clifford in his perch after a rough day at the Sedona vortex "office." Forgive the blurriness. I took the pic while the Jeep was moving.

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