Friday, May 30, 2014


I am blown away. I am humbled. And I am full of gratitude.

When touched by true kindness -- where there is simply straightforward caring and generosity of spirit, offered freely one to another, with no traces of the human tendencies toward score keeping, twisted misperception, inaccurate assigning of meaning and intention, and the like -- something shifts inside. Irrevocably. 

The experience of it reminds me of what it feels like to look into another's eyes and to see and feel compassion reflected in them. 

So full. So meaningful.

I have been the recipient of significant doses of kindness lately. Am in the middle of one right now, in fact. It's penetrating internal walls and moving through, soothing and healing.

Kindness is powerful indeed. A series of challenging circumstances recently left me feeling so off-center that it was hard to find my way back. But within mere seconds, focused thought about one of the aforementioned doses of kindness brought me back to myself. To my Self.

The only words that are relevant to say in response seem inadequate to some parts of me, yet other parts know how rich they are. 

Thank you.


  1. Kindness is very powerful, and so is gratitude.

  2. Kindness may not be able to heal a truly traumatic situation, but it has never made any situation worse, certainly.
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    1. I don't know that kindness can't help heal a "truly traumatic situation." We never know the impact that seemingly small things can have to hurt, or to heal. Plus, we never truly know the journey of another, and what it is that will help unlock the door to healing.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)