Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Waves of Freedom

A funny thing happens every time I release stuff, whether it's a carload of it that goes to a charitable organization or a cartful of boxes that goes into the storage unit.

I feel a little bit freer. I wake up more excited and joyful. And the lifestyle I have been desiring to lead is so much closer that it's palpable.

The cleaning-out process is challenging in some ways, of course, but it gets easier as the deadline approaches. I'm going to walk out the door in two days and have everything done except for the furniture that a charitable organization will pick up on Monday. That thought helps make it all so much clearer. Do I really need this or that, or to put it in storage to just be dealt with later -- or can I just release it now? Even things that I wouldn't have considered giving away a week ago are now on the chopping block. I keep thinking, I want to live in an RV. I can't take this with me there, and if I can live without it for a time, can I live without it for good? The joy of being unencumbered feels so much better than having that thing does. I can recall it anytime I want to in memory, anyway.

Such freedom. Those who have gone before me in this process and are enjoying their lives on the road know exactly what I mean. And it comes in waves. Just as I have to go through an area of my living space three, four or five times to get things sorted, packed and ready to move on out, so does the sense of freedom come in waves. It washes over me like a much needed balm to the soul.

So, two days to go. Pictures to come. 


  1. Much of the same point I am at currently. Of course, when I left my house 3-4 years ago I didn't have the time or drive to sort through everything so it went into storage. Every thing in storage has been a huge cloud over me for years, and it's even harder to deal with now that it's in storage, but I'll get there. I've finally reached a point where I go to my storage and I'm simply READY to get rid of pretty much everything in there. Even stuff I know COULD be useful, but ISN'T right now. Now it's just a matter of starting and getting some time together to start hauling stuff out of there to their new homes (goodwill, dump, scrap yard).

  2. Andy, my apologies for the very late reply to your comment. It sounds like you're in a good place with it in terms of the mindset and readiness to just start moving things out. Good luck with it all. It is SUCH a relief on the other side! You will indeed get there, and I trust that you will feel GREAT when you do! :)