Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zee End!

That was the title of my last post for this past year's A to Z challenge (written at the end of -- ahem -- October), and methinks it will become an annual tradition.

It just seems fitting.

This year's challenge didn't feel so much like a challenge, at least not in the struggle and effort sense. Overall it went by smoothly, peacefully, effortlessly and harmoniously. I enjoyed pondering posts, waiting for a word to pop to mind associated with the day's letter and, much like my other writing, listening and watching within for the path the ideas and words would take as they formed themselves. At that point, my job is simply (or not so simply, depending on the project) to help the process along as scribe, midwife, editor and watcher of wonder.

I've also enjoyed the daily habit of writing at least something and look forward to continuing it with this blog. As I've heard other writers say, the act of engaging in one form of writing provides inspiration for other works. So, as I've been blogging, the many books that have been dancing around in my head for quite some time have indeed started forming themselves more substantively and pushing with the urgency to be expressed. It's like a faucet that, once opened, enables a steady flow to come forth from the wellspring.

All that said, I'm very happy to share this:

Thanks so much for following along during the past month, and for your supportive comments. I look forward to engaging with you for a long time to come. :)


  1. I look forward to engaging with you too, and reading some of those stories waiting in your head.

  2. Thanks, Melanie. First task is to extract them. :) Hope you've enjoyed A to Z!

  3. Congratulations on successfully finishing this challenge! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z", and I look forward to visiting again.


    1. Thank you, Sylvia! Glad to have you following along. I hope A to Z has been a great experience for you, and I look forward to checking out your blog!