Saturday, April 5, 2014


I'm starting to feel realllllly excited. But I have to say that I've also done wore myself out.

After an earlyish online appointment this morning, I felt the urge to pack. As of 11:11 p.m., I had gotten a good number of boxes filled and sealed up and several bags ready to go to Goodwill, and I had done a significant amount of what I call puttering throughout the day getting various things done. 

It's all been productive, useful and directly related to this shifting of gears, and I am very happy at the progress. I'm working on focusing on that and not all that remains to be done. The latter is a prescription for overwhelm, and I'd like to avoid that particular feeling during this glorious process.

I'm finding a lot of clarity as things move along. This evening I came across some decor-type things that I had enjoyed at one time, and I still find relatively pleasing. But there's no doubt in my mind that it's time to release them to someone for whom they fit right now. The items that will go into storage are the ones that I know I'll enjoy rediscovering when I open the just-packed boxes at some point in the future. Anything that I feel so-so about or represents what I'm willing to let go of is slated for release.

A big chunk of clarity arrived late yesterday afternoon in the form of a definitive mental game plan about the way forward and specific next steps. That felt wonderful and no doubt fueled the impetus to pack and get busy today. 

Glorious indeed. Happy weekend to you.  


  1. the thought of packing - ugh. Good luck to you

  2. Packing for a trip - oh yea!. packing to move - ugh. I'm a very settled person. Good luck to you and thanks for visiting my blog. I'll keep checking in on a to z. It's fun

    1. A to Z is fun indeed. And I hear you about the ugh of packing for a move. In all my previous ones, I considered the packing process one of the detestable duties of life. The joy of it now speaks to me as confirmation that what I'm doing is in line with what I'm truly desiring. Wonder-full stuff!

  3. Your post conveyed excitement just as you titled it. Hope you keep having fun.