Friday, April 11, 2014

Just in Time

Like many writers, I'm pretty deadline oriented. That's why, more and more, I find myself writing posts for the A to Z challenge as the clock ticks toward midnight, even though the content has been gestating since I woke up and started thinking about whatever letter happened to be on tap for the day.

That just-in-time quality plays out in interesting ways. Often I'll feel that I really should be doing this or that, based on whatever my mind has determined is the appropriate order of priority, but I'll feel an internal impetus to do something else -- or I'll simply drag my feet about getting said appropriate thing done and engage in some self-chastisement for procrastinating. Again.

Then an awareness comes along in one form or another that makes it clear why I didn't go ahead and do that seemingly appropriate thing when I thought I should. Or I won't discover any sort of why, but after putting off a task for a good bit I'll just go ahead and get it done, without fanfare and rather effortlessly. And yet again it becomes clear that there is an order to things that is not always apparent to my thinking mind, that what appears to be procrastination on my part is sometimes part of a divine delay and that divine timing is always right on time.

Particularly when it involves a deadline.


  1. I'm definitely a "just-in-timer." I always apply for competitions and awards on the DAY they're due. New follower here by the way. Sopping by from MJ Joachim's blog :)

    1. Day of -- I know that well. :) Thanks for stopping by, Randi, and following along!