Friday, April 5, 2013


Of all the writing I've done through the years -- magazine articles, website copy, brochures, executive communications, scripts and much more -- I find blogging to be, by far, the most enjoyable. I love how it can be lighthearted and fun, yet it is also can be a vehicle for delving into the more "trippy" and weighty matters of life.

When someone asks me what's new, often my response is, "Everything and nothing." I've been saying that for years. Life goes on, day by day, and though the outward circumstances may not look like they've changed much since I last connected with that person, everything is different.

Moment to moment. Literally.

Blogging is like that, too. It's made up of the everythingness and the nothingness of life. Many of the blogs I read on a daily basis are RV related, because just the thought of roaming the country in one lights my fire. But I also love me some Pioneer Woman, among others. One of these days I'll do a favorite blog list for y'all to peruse.

It's always a gift for me to get a view of life through a blogger's unique eyes. Thank you for having the heart to take a gander through mine.

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