Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cats and Dawgs

Well, it's really just one cat. But beautiful Bailey is enough of a strong female to represent her fellow felines and hold her own against her male canine cohort Tuck.

I've been hanging out with Tuck and Bailey at their place while my friends went away overnight. I, of course, brought my own male canine cohort, Clifford, along. Overall, we had fun. Tuck is a sweetheart who is also fond of chewing on Bailey's various body parts and pulling her tail with his mouth, of which she is not quite so fond -- though you wouldn't know it afterward when she seems to invite more of it. Clifford and Bailey are buddies. Clifford would love to call Tuck a friend, but that may not be solidified until Tuck gets over some of his still-puppy exuberance.

Here are some shots of the fabulous fur kids. And alliteration can indeed be annoying when overused, so I'll stop now.

 Buddies Clifford (left) and Bailey

Tuck alternating toys, because they both don't fit in his mouth at once (darn it!) 

Tuck at attention, and Bailey watching from a distance 

Another shot of the buds -- in a spot where Clifford feels the safest from Tuck's attempts to play

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