Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Neat Things

The cool and unexpected thing at the RV show that I mentioned the other day is this.

That photo doesn't say much, unfortunately. Lots of folks were walking in and out, so I couldn't get a good shot of this beauty on its own. 

It's a Hymer B-Class SL 778 -- a nearly 28-foot-long German-made motorhome that may make its way into the American market. Apparently, the manufacturer has been testing the brand in the U.S. market to see if we Yanks have any interest in it. 

I certainly do. The interior is sleek, with clean lines and European elegance. Yet it's also quite functional. I really like how the bed area in the back is raised, and there's this roomy cargo area beneath. 

Click here for a YouTube video (not mine) that'll give you a tour of the interior. 

Who knows? Maybe some of this sleekness will be available by the time I'm ready to purchase my RV. It may make me rethink my thoughts about a 24-footer. 

Or not. That best-laid plans thing and all ...

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