Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Given that my "D" day was about deadlines and how much I'm wired toward them, I'm giving myself 15 minutes to get this post done. I'm just ready to crash for the evening.

The editor in me feels compelled to say that to make this work as my "F" post for today, I had to spell out the number in the title. I'm a big user of the Associated Press Stylebook, which says that numbers 10 and above should be presented as numerals rather than written out. If you're not a writer or an editor, that's probably like a foreign language to you. Moreover, you likely don't give a hoot.

Ah, the things we detail-oriented types think about.

The other "F" word I considered writing about today is "Finally" -- finally it's spring. In Maine at this stage of April, that means it's still a tad bit nippy (at least what most of the rest of the country would consider nippy) but we're grateful that things are starting to warm up. This week daytime highs will cover a 20-degree range -- from the upper 30s to upper 50s -- while nighttime temps will be in the mid to upper 30s. Not bad considering that two years ago, during my first winter here, we got a significant snowstorm on April 1.

And I know my blood has thickened when 37 degrees feels on the warm side. With temps in the single digits more days than we would have liked this winter, it got downright frigid here. When it comes to the weather -- as with many things in life -- it's all about perspective.

Well, those fifteen minutes are up. Off to bed.

At least that phrase is not likely to be misheard as "off with her head" in this day and age. What a disastrous consequence that would be.

Can you tell I'm tired?

Nite, all.

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