Sunday, April 14, 2013


The trip to the RV show ended up being today rather than yesterday.

The show was not quite as large as I expected it to be, at least in terms of variety of RV types and sizes. There were, however, lots and lots of trailers, which offered a kaleidoscope of layouts.

Unfortunately, going into the show I had pretty much decided against towing a trailer. But I liked looking, if only to get more confirmation about my decision and to see the numerous configurations of living spaces.

A couple of the trailers were particularly intriguing, for different reasons.

This Cobblestone Ultra Lite by Idea seemed like it would be ideal in terms of amenities and layout. It was a manageable size and it had a fixed bed, small dinette and a bathroom with a corner shower.

It certainly would be very livable. But if I were to do a trailer, I'd get an Airstream. There weren't any Airstreams at this show to poke around in, though. Winnebago was absent, too.

The other trailer that caught my eye is this retro beauty. Plusses for it were the fixed (yet single-sized) bed and the cozy interior. The minuses were mostly around the state of the facilities, so to speak, or the lack thereof.

Cute, though, eh?

I spent the most time looking at a couple of Class Bs and what I think was likely a Class B+, all from Pleasure Way. The Bs felt a lot better inside than I expected them to. For the most part, the living space seemed rather spacious for a large van. But I was concerned about storage space for full-time living. I know some folks can minimize that much, but I just don't think I'm among them.

I would have liked for there to have been more Class Cs to sit in and get a feel for. Overall, although the show didn't offer what I was hoping it would, I did feel that I got a chance to confirm my idea of a getting a motorhome rather than a trailer.

And I think a 24-foot Class C is going to be my rig. We shall see.

Stay tuned for a look at one cool and unexpected cat at the show that I'll share about tomorrow.

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